Error: Duplicate Library Identifier

Error: Duplicate Library Identifier

Libraries in dds are represented by a namespace and a name, joined together with a forward-slash “/”. Suppose that we have a library named Gadgets that lives in the ACME library-namespace. The combined library identifier would be ACME/Gadgets.


The “namespace” of a library in this case is arbitrary and not necessarily associated with any C++ namespace.

If more than one library declares itself to have the same name and lives in the same namespace, dds will issue an error.

To avoid this error in your own project and to avoid causing this error in your downstream consumers, the namespace of your package should be considered carefully and be unique. Do not use a namespace that is likely to be used by another developer or organization, especially generic names.

If you are seeing this issue and it names a library that you do not own, it means that two or more of your dependencies are attempting to declare a library of the same name in the same namespace. This issue should be raised with the maintainers of the packages in question.

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