Error: A Git clone operation failed

Error: A Git clone operation failed

This error indicates that dds failed to clone a Git repository.

dds will invoke git clone as a subprocess to retrieve a copy of a remote repository. There are several reasons this might fail, but it is best to refer to the output of the git subprocess to diagnose the issue.

A non-exhaustive list of things to check:

  1. Is the git executable available and on the PATH environment variable?

  2. Is the URL to the repository correct?

  3. Is the remote server accessible?

  4. Do you have read-access to the repository in question?

  5. Does the named tag/branch exist in the remote?

  6. If cloning a specific Git revision, does the remote server support cloning a repository by a specific commit? (Very often Git servers are not configured to support this capability).

Be aware if you are using SSH-style git-clone that it will require the correct SSH keys to be available on the system where dds is running.